Our History

Canterbury Bells School is a leading co-educational day school, situated in Dehradun Valley. The school is in fact and spirit an international school, catering to the needs of students from all parts of Dehradun. It prepares students according to standards prevailing in most countries, including India.

The courses of study as well as norms of achievement in every field are aimed at preparing our students for educational qualifications acceptable throughout the world. The academic curriculum for the school student is based on syllabi laid down by the reputed and universally acceptable Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. Canterbury Bells School is run by a registered Educational, non-commercial, not for profit society consisting of committed educationists and social workers of high standing and repute. Over the years, the school has established a sound reputation as a provider of quality education and is recognized amongst the prestigious school of Uttarakhand.

Founded on 2nd April, 1998, as a preparatory school with about 60 students and since then the strength is going upward, the school true to its motto, has grown into a full fledged institution preparing girls and boys for the CBSE examination. 

How we get the name of Canterbury Bells? Canterbury is a name of a place in United Kingdom, which is famous for cricket, but we have nothing to do with that place. “Canterbury Bells” is a name of a flower, which is beautiful scented and light blue in colour as of sky. The name is fission of qualities and we want to have these qualities in our students, for us “sky is the limit.” Our Motto is – Vidya Dadati Vinayam – Vidya = knowledge, dadati = to give, vinayam = training, discipline, cultured mannerism (from training), humbleness, prudence.

The vintage building and the playing field have been the training grounds where generations of youth have learned, played, cheered, won and lost many a game.

Canterbury Bells School is a friendly school. It combines the best of traditions with a modern approach to learning. In a congenial environment, girls and boys are encouraged to nurture the qualities of head, hear and hand. 


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