Our Mission



To impart education with maximum value at minimum cost to each and every child, supported by commitment and dedication of the Canterbury Bells School fraternity.  We believe in terms of innovation and continuous up-gradation of technology for providing best of facilities and expertise teaching to the students.



The aim of the Canterbury Bells School is to impart an all round education to children, inculcating in them feelings of patriotism and brotherhood and make them spiritual and pure minded persons to elevate the tone of the society in which they live and move. The medium of instruction is English. Hindi and Sanskrit are taught in all the classes. 

To be a unique school, acknowledged universally as a leader in flexible teaching and learning for overall development of students, so that they can contribute strongly to the sustainable development of the region and communities in which they operate.


Ø  Strive to achieve qualitative improvement in education and increase in the productivity of students for augmentation of their personality both at individual and group level.


Ø  Serve for creations of increase self-dependent opportunities to achieve higher standards of living of future nationals.


Ø  Strive to achieve higher global interaction from the country.


Ø  Work for preservation of our cultural heritage.


Ø  Continue to improve quality of life of the community/society.


Ø  To achieve the above mission, we implement various courses /training and relative activities in our campus and through outdoor scene.

Ø  Skill upgradation of the students.


Ø  Overall medical awareness e.g. health awareness, diet awareness, clothing awareness, fitness programmes.


Ø  Self defence training, Scientific Yoga and Vedanta.


Ø  Transport awareness, heritage outings and traditional rituals.


Aim of the School


            The aim of school is to educate the hand and heart as well as the intellect and foster cultural, moral and spiritual values in children. Special emphasis is made on the development of personality, co-operation & generosity or in one word the development of character. Hence, intellectual development is balanced by student participation in artistic and other extracurricular activities.



Mission Statement :

By the next three year, the school will provide its teachers and students all the basic facilities required for improving the teaching-learning process.

Our students know that the school will help them to discover and express that which is best within them while creating an environment that makes it safe to learn from successes and setbacks. Each day at Canterbury Bells School brings its own excitement but in ways that reflect and celebrate Quaker regard for simplicity, equity, community, fairness, and peace. Our faculty and staff clearly embody the values that we seek to teach. They regard their task here as a sacred one, reflective of the core Quaker belief that there is "that of God" in each person. Our aspiration is both noble and bold: that each person in the Canterbury Bells School community respect and cherish what is unique and of infinite value in themselves and in others. While students and parents will find at Canterbury Bells the sophisticated curricula and expert pedagogy characteristic of the finest independent schools, key to our success is the quality of relationships among members of the school family. Our school espouses, welcomes, and encourages healthy relationships among students, faculty, parents, and staff. A Canterbury Bells education is a life-changing experience, one that enables our students and graduates to do well for themselves and good for our world in a manner that authentically reflects the very best in each of them.  


·         Learning: Our Focus

Canterbury Bells School holds student learning as the center of everything that we do.

·         Excellence: Our Standard

Canterbury Bells School embraces excellence in teaching, scholarly activity, creative endeavor, and service.

·         Transformation: Change for the Better

CANTERBURY BELLS SCHOOL prepares its students for a life of contribution and accomplishment by instilling a respect for learning and intellectual inquiry.

·         Integrity: Social and Ethical Responsibility

CANTERBURY BELLS SCHOOL expects a high standard of social and ethical responsibility from all members of the campus community.

·         Engagement: Participation and Community Service

CANTERBURY BELLS SCHOOL encourages participation and community service both on and off campus by faculty, staff and students.

·         Innovation: Teaching, Service, and Scholarship

CANTERBURY BELLS SCHOOL promotes innovation in teaching, scholarship, technology, collaborative partnerships, support services and co-curricular activities.

·         Diversity: Cultures, People and Ideas

CANTERBURY BELLS SCHOOL believes that everyone should experience a diversity of cultures, people and ideas in order to better appreciate the world around them.

·         Collegiality: Getting Along


CANTERBURY BELLS SCHOOL fosters—among students, faculty, and staff, and across disciplines—a culture of shared governance, open communication, transparent operations and mutual respect.

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